Can newly formed companies take advantage of long-term rental too?
Certainly, there are no minimum requirements with particular reference to the age of the company ! The necessary financial safeguards must be ensured either in the form of security deposits or bank guarantee.
What do I have to pay in addition to the monthly fee?
Only the fuel, which can also be conveniently billed to the end of the month by asking for a fuel card.
What are the deductibles?
They are charges borne to the customer in case of theft or accident.
In some cases they can also set at zero, by increasing the monthly rental fee.
A combination of 10% in case of theft and 250 € on Kasko are a great compromise between tranquility and costs.
Replacement car: Is it worth it?
Definitely YES if you travel many kilometers and you can’t count on another family car.
Please note that the replacement is normally when the breakdown exceeds 8hrs.
From all the money I am spending on rental fees I could afford a new car?
Although it is algebraically almost true, this statement hides a trap.
A FAIR comparison-test is possible when considering the real costs in terms of insurance and maintenance and service conditions.
With reference to the insurance fees, you should compare the SAME conditions. As you know, standard insurance covers when you buy a new car consist of RC, in some cases they include the theft and fire option and kasko only upon specific request.. these elements drive the total costs of your insurance policy!
You are responsible for the maintenance, servicing and ensuring the proper operation of the vehicle you own for its entire life: in some cases after only 2 years after receipt of the vehicle, you may run into heavy and unexpected bills due to necessary extraordinary maintenance. The car manufacturer might offer you an extension of the service program that you have to pay for anyway.
When renting a vehicle, you forget about these costs and you will be responsible for ensuring the proper operation of the vehicle by leaving it at the garage.
Finally you should not forget a few very important elements in the calculation: tires, the ownership tax and the cost per kilometer. The latter in particular is a very important term of reference: check it on the the ICA’s website in the relevant section.
You will realize that owning a car today is not just inconvenient, but it brings also with it concerns and deadlines. Long term rental means “ZERO THOUGHTS”!


I do not agree: I can recover a lot of money by reselling the car I own ...
For those of you who remain of this view please note that:
– when you leave the car dealer on board of your own brand new car, you are saying goodbye to the 22% VAT value;
– If you resell your car within a year of purchase , without even having run too many kilometers (less than 10.000- 15.000 Kms ), the average depreciation you need to consider is about 30% of the price list (remember that “km.0” are offered with discounts from 15% to 20%);
– If you resell your car the following year, and in any case within 24 months of car manufacturer’s warranty, the residual value is approximately 2/3, then the depreciation varies from 33/35% to 40% of the initial value, depending on the model / engine type and power. After 3 years a “good” sale could let you recover 50% of what you paid for your car, assuming you have not exceeded the “psychological” threshold of 100 thousand km that can make the sales operation very hard!
What is the difference between the security deposit and the down-payment?
The security deposit is an amount (usually 5 monthly fees) bound for the duration of the contract, fully refunded at the end of the rental period IF there are no unpaid fines, the agreed mileage allowance does not exceed and the car is returned without any additional “wear and tear”.
The down-payment represents an amount paid in advance to lower down the monthly rental fee. It can replace the safety deposit.
Can I buy the car I rented?
Yes, you can! You should inform the rental company in advance.
If I sign for a 4/5 years contract to get a lower rental fee, can I withdraw from the contract before it is due to expire?
After the first year of car you can ask for early termination by paying a penalty.
Can the contract parameters ( length and mileage) be modified during the life of the contract?
Yes, at any time. This would affect the rental fee.
What happen if I note that I have travelled beyond the agreed allowance?
It can happen.. You will be expected to pay a fixed cost for every mile travelled beyond the agreed allowance. The cost will be fixed and indicated on the contract.
The same goes in case you run less kilometers. Within an agreed tolerance, the difference will be refunded to you.
Even a PRIVATE can get a long term rental vehicle?
Of course, even if you cannot qualify for any tax or fiscal deduction.
But this also happen in case you decide to buy the car !!!
I am convinced, but I own a car: any solutions to this problem?
P&F Rent can make you an offer to buy your car, after having received a vehicle inspection and the state of use for the evaluation. The agreed amount could be used as a down-payment that will reduce the monthly rental fee.
Who can drive the car I have rented?
The vehicle can be driven by any person authorized by the company or by the owner of the rental agreement, whether employees, family members or third parties.
The authorization shall be by letter on plain paper signed by the contract holder and kept inside the car.

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