The long-term rental is the ideal solution and not by chance the preferred choice of most companies, professionals, trade and private agents who need cars and vehicles without thinking of purchase, management and eventual resale of these expensive assets.

Advantages from many points of view:

1. Planning: agreed fixed monthly fee for the duration of the contract, no risk of value depreciation, no problem with the current management and the sale of used vehicle, no reduction in productivity due to technical breakdowns, savings in human and economic resources;
2. Financial resources (capital) : no capital immobilization, lower bank exposure and lower upfront costs , therefore better management of corporate or personal cash flow, no provisions for unplanned costs;
3. Reduction of the interlocutors: one-to-one relationship to manage the fleet with P&F Rent – Private & Fleet Rent

You can choose from a large range of new vehicles, cars and vans up to 35 tons of any make and model, configured according to your needs. The contract with a minimum duration of 12 months and maximum of 60 months will allow you to drive the car you need and like the most.

The rental fee includes the following services:

• Purchase and vehicle(s) delivery: vehicle registration, testing, taxes and delivery of the vehicle(islands included ), pre-lease vehicle;
• Road tax: charges and custody;
• Insurance operations: the insurance cover includes RCA, fire and theft, kasko ( fully comprehensive) and PAI, some of which declinable with different deductibles;
• Maintenance: ordinary and extraordinary maintenance services through a wide network of service points;
• Tire replacement: replacement and storage of tires at the partner network; possibility of thermal tires
• Roadside Assistance: 24-hour breakdown assistance; package of insurance coverage for any emergency;
• Replacement vehicle: vehicle replacement guaranteed up to the recovered efficiency of the vehicle and, in case of theft, up to the replacement with a new vehicle;
• Return and sale of the vehicle at the end of contract: at the end of rental period,you may decide to buy your vehicle at a market price, or simply return it to the rental company.

Tax legislation (Italy):

The legislation, which regulates the tax treatment of costs for long-term rental vehicles, has been updated with the entry into force of Law No. 228/2012 (Official Gazette no. 302), with effect as from 1 January 2013.
The deductibility of expenses and the VAT deductibility for the management of the vehicles are based on the business entity type and its intended use of the rented vehicle.

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